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"Barbie" Claims Top Spot as Highest-Grossing Film in America for 2023

"Barbie" has triumphed as the top-grossing movie at the domestic box office for the year, surpassing the previous record holder, "Super Mario Bros."

According to studio reports, "Barbie" has amassed a total of $575.4 million in the American box office as of Thursday, edging out Mario's earnings of $574.2 million.

"Barbie" achieved this milestone more swiftly than "Mario," attaining the record-breaking position in just 34 days since its premiere. In contrast, it took Mario and his team 138 days to cross the $574.2 million threshold in the United States, as reported by Deadline.

Since its release on July 21, "Barbie" has broken multiple records. The film raked in $155 million in its opening weekend, establishing the largest debut weekend of the year and the most significant opening ever for a female director. In the ensuing weeks, it also claimed the title of Warner Bros. Discovery's highest-grossing domestic release, surpassing the former record-holder, the 2008 blockbuster "The Dark Knight."

Last week, "Barbie" also achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing $1.2 billion in global earnings, reaching the $1 billion mark less than three weeks prior. This accomplishment places "Barbie" among the ranks of only about 50 films in history to have achieved such a milestone when adjusted for inflation, as highlighted by Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore. Additionally, the film established Greta Gerwig as the highest-grossing female movie director in history.

However, the film's reign at the box office summit concluded last weekend, as "Blue Beetle" overtook "Barbie." The latest DC superhero movie secured an estimated $25.4 million in earnings, with "Barbie" slipping to second place, generating $21.5 million, based on studio assessments.

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