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ChatGPT Mobile App Achieves Record $4.58 Million in Monthly Revenue, but Experiences Slower Growth

Slowing revenue growth could signal that ChatGPT is approaching a point of saturation among mobile users who are willing to subscribe to the premium ChatGPT+ service, priced at a substantial $19.99 per month.

This premium subscription offers faster response times, priority access during peak periods, and early access to new features and enhancements. To date, the subscription has performed well, with ChatGPT mobile generating gross revenues of $2.1 million in June, which increased to $2.74 million in July, $3.81 million in August, and most recently, a record-breaking $4.58 million in September.

Surprisingly, despite its strong performance, ChatGPT is not the highest-grossing AI app. A rival called Ask AI has surpassed ChatGPT in revenue, largely due to significant advertising expenditure. Ask AI's revenue climbed from $6.48 million in May, when ChatGPT mobile was launched, to a peak of $6.55 million in August, according to data from Appfigures. While it dipped slightly to $5.51 million in September, it remains ahead of ChatGPT. Other competitors, such as Genie and AI Chat Smith, have not achieved the same level of growth as Ask AI.

It's worth noting that net revenue may differ, given Ask AI's substantial ad spending. As for ChatGPT, it netted approximately $3.2 million in September after factoring in the fees deducted by Apple and Google from in-app purchase revenues.

In addition to setting a revenue record, ChatGPT saw 15.6 million installations in September, bringing its total lifetime installations to an estimated 52.2 million, according to Appfigures. Google Play drove a significant portion of these downloads, accounting for 9 million in September, while the App Store contributed the remaining 6.6 million.

Unsurprisingly, the App Store played a significant role in driving revenue, contributing $3 million to the total in-app purchases last month. The United States stands as the largest market for the AI chatbot app, responsible for 60% of ChatGPT's overall revenues.

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