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China to limit exports of chipmaking materials

China's commerce ministry has announced that it will exercise control over the exports of certain metals widely utilized in the semiconductor industry. This move represents the latest development in the ongoing trade dispute between Beijing and the United States regarding access to high-tech microchips.

The newly imposed controls, stated by China to be in the interest of national security and protection of its interests, will require exporters to obtain permission before shipping specific gallium and germanium products.

Media reports suggest that the United States is also considering implementing fresh restrictions on the export of high-tech microchips to China. Furthermore, this summer, both the United States and the Netherlands are expected to tighten the sales of chipmaking equipment, aiming to prevent China from enhancing its military capabilities using the technology.

China's export controls, set to take effect on August 1, will encompass eight gallium-related products: gallium antimonide, gallium arsenide, gallium metal, gallium nitride, gallium oxide, gallium phosphide, gallium selenide, and indium gallium arsenide.

Additionally, six germanium products will be subject to these controls: germanium dioxide, germanium epitaxial growth substrate, germanium ingot, germanium metal, germanium tetrachloride, and zinc germanium phosphide.

According to China's commerce ministry, exporters will be required to adhere to specific procedures in order to obtain export licenses. Violators who export these products without permission or exceed the permitted volumes will face penalties, the ministry stated.

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