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Disney Launches Strict Measures Against Password Sharing

Starting on November 1st, Disney Plus will implement measures to restrict password sharing among subscribers in Canada. The company announced this change via an email sent to Canadian subscribers, although specific enforcement details remain undisclosed. The email stated that restrictions will be placed on the sharing of account or login credentials outside of the subscriber's household.

The updated Help Center now explicitly states that sharing a subscription beyond one's household is prohibited. Moreover, a new section in the Canadian subscriber agreement warns that Disney may monitor account usage and that failure to comply could result in account limitations or termination.

This announcement follows Disney's Q3 earnings call, during which CEO Bob Iger mentioned the company's active exploration of solutions to address the widespread issue of password sharing. Iger emphasized that a significant number of people were sharing passwords across Disney's services and asserted that Disney possesses the technical capability to monitor sign-ins.

Disney Plus joins a growing list of streaming services taking measures against password sharing. Netflix, for instance, has been testing such restrictions for over a year in various countries and began enforcing them in the US in May 2023. Netflix enforces restrictions based on users' IP addresses, offering subscribers the option to add additional members to their accounts for an additional fee, a policy that has reportedly boosted subscription numbers, as indicated in the company's Q2 earnings call.

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