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Google's Duet AI Now Capable of Crafting Your Emails Automatically

Google has introduced its latest AI companion, Duet AI, designed to aid users in composing and personalizing emails, as part of the recent updates shared during the Google Cloud Next '23 event. This new feature, now available to Workspace users, offers assistance across various functions including meetings, documents, and Google Chat.

Duet AI is set to elevate Gmail's existing smart reply capability by enabling users to effortlessly create longer and more tailored email messages with a simple tap.

Further insights into this functionality have been provided for Workspace users. On both web and mobile versions of Gmail, users testing Duet AI will have access to a "Help me write" button that presents a range of writing assistance options.

One notable advancement is Duet AI's ability to employ users' own language to draft email content. The AI comprehends the context from prior emails within a thread, facilitating the creation of replies that remain pertinent to ongoing conversations.

Moreover, the AI companion can be employed to adjust the tone of the drafted email, infusing it with formality if desired. Users also have the option to expand on the email draft by incorporating additional details into the message.

Google's introduction of Duet AI marks a significant stride towards streamlining and personalizing the email drafting process, enhancing the overall user experience within Gmail.

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