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Hollywood Producers Release Latest Proposed Package to Writers Guild

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) has unveiled its most recent set of terms proposed to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) as the two parties engage in strike negotiations.

The proposed package presented by AMPTP features a notable wage increase, touted as the highest wage raise for the WGA in 35 years. Additionally, certain residual payments are set to see an increase, as outlined in the release.

Moreover, the proposal specifies that content generated by artificial intelligence will not be categorized as literary material.

The release also mentions a provision for confidential sharing of viewership data with the WGA, enhancing data transparency. AMPTP has provided a four-page document to the WGA as part of the ongoing negotiations. CNN has reached out to the Writers Guild of America for their response.

Carol Lombardini, President of the AMPTP, stated, "Our primary objective is to bring an end to the strike, allowing the esteemed members of the creative community to return to their craft and alleviating the hardships faced by numerous individuals and businesses that support the industry." Lombardini expressed optimism for a resolution, "We have presented an offer that addresses the crucial concerns voiced by the writers.

Our commitment to ending the strike is unwavering, and we hope that the WGA shares the same objective."

Earlier this month, the WGA and AMPTP agreed to recommence negotiations, marking the first discussions since the onset of the writers' strike.

The ongoing standoff, which began in early May, has already surpassed the duration of the acrimonious 2007-08 strike that significantly disrupted Hollywood. The longest-ever writers' strike in history lasted 154 days in 1988.

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