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Instagram Trials Feature Allowing Exclusive Sharing of Feed Posts with 'Close Friends'

Instagram users have long voiced their dissatisfaction with the platform's impersonal feel, primarily attributed to its algorithmic feed. In response, the company is actively exploring new ways to enable users to share content more intimately with their friends. As part of this effort, Instagram is currently in the testing phase for a feature that allows users to share feed posts exclusively with their 'Close Friends' group.

This move follows Instagram's earlier introduction, in 2018, of a global feature that enabled users to share Stories with a private list of their 'Close Friends.' The following year, the company delved into the concept of group chatting within the 'Close Friends' circle with an app called Threads (distinct from the social network Threads launched in July). However, in 2021, the group chat app Threads was discontinued as Instagram shifted its focus towards enhancing the direct message experience.

In December of the previous year, Instagram unveiled 'Notes,' a feature designed for sharing text updates with friends. In recent months, the platform has continued to enhance this experience by introducing features like music sharing, translation, and location sharing for 'Notes.' Instagram is clearly committed to addressing user concerns and creating a more personalized and engaging social networking experience.

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