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Juul Looks To Sell New Age Verification Vape

E-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs is seeking authorization from the US regulatory authorities to introduce a "next-generation" vape product equipped with age verification capabilities.

The proposed vape is designed to verify the user's age by connecting to a smartphone app. To access the device, customers would need to either upload their government-issued ID and provide a real-time selfie or enter personal details and allow a third-party database to authenticate their identity.

A unique Pod ID chip embedded in the Juul device would also be capable of identifying counterfeit cartridges produced by other companies. These counterfeit products often include unauthorized fruity flavors that are particularly appealing to minors.

Juul's new platform aims to achieve two primary objectives: encouraging adult smokers to transition from traditional combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes for harm reduction, while simultaneously restricting underage access to such products.

It's important to note that the legal age for purchasing e-cigarettes in the United States is 21.

In a statement, Juul's Chief Regulatory Officer, Joe Murillo, expressed the company's anticipation for engaging with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) throughout the review process as they pursue this significant opportunity for harm reduction.

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