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Leica Ends Seven-Year Anticipation with the Release of the Leica Sofort 2 Instant Film Camera

After a seven-year anticipation, Leica has unveiled the Leica Sofort 2, set to hit the market on November 9th at a price of $389.

The Leica Sofort 2 represents an evolution from its predecessor, sporting a price tag that's approximately $90 higher. This new iteration transforms the camera into a hybrid instant model, featuring a 1/5-inch digital sensor. Users now have the option to select which photos to print, including the ability to print pictures taken with their smartphones. This adds a degree of flexibility and choice to the photography experience.

The camera also introduces USB-C support, along with various additional features and design enhancements. Notable updates include multiple lenses, a convenient lever for photo printing, and two fresh color choices: red and black. Leica's aim with the Sofort 2 appears to be to compete with Fujifilm's Instax Mini Evo, a well-regarded hybrid instant film camera priced at around $200—almost half the cost of the Sofort 2.

Like its rival, the Sofort 2 offers the option to print preferred photos and smartphone pictures. The camera boasts a stylish design, featuring a lever for printing Instax Mini film, as well as ten film effects and a macro mode for close-up shots.

One distinctive advantage of the Leica Sofort 2 is its compatibility with other Leica cameras. Users can easily transfer photos from their Leica cameras, stored in the FOTOS companion app, to the Sofort 2 for printing. In contrast, the Instax Mini Evo lacks USB-C support and includes fewer lenses compared to the Leica Sofort 2.

Furthermore, the Leica Sofort 2 embraces a modern, minimalist aesthetic with a menu structure and button layout similar to other digital Leica cameras, while the Instax Mini Evo takes inspiration from vintage camera designs and is available in black and brown.

It's essential to note that a comprehensive assessment of the Leica Sofort 2's performance relative to the Instax Mini Evo will require hands-on testing, which we have not conducted at this time.

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