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Mercedes Reveals Electric Concept Cars Outperforming Tesla Models in Range

Mercedes-Benz has recently introduced "close-to-production" concept vehicles that could surpass Tesla's offerings with a range of over 466 miles on a single charge, exceeding Tesla's models, which typically achieve less than 380 miles per charge.

The German automaker's Concept CLA Class, unveiled at the IAA Mobility auto show in Munich, consists of four new models, including a sedan, a station wagon, and two SUVs. Mercedes-Benz has not specified the exact production timeline for these vehicles.

Each of these new models will boast a range of more than 750 kilometers (466 miles), surpassing Tesla's Model 3 and Model S, which are among Tesla's longest-range vehicles, capable of covering just under 375 miles on a single charge.

In a parallel development at the same event, BMW made headlines by revealing an electric vehicle with an extended range and faster charging capabilities. This underscores the commitment of German automakers to stay competitive in the growing electric vehicle market.

Major European car manufacturers like Volkswagen and Renault are already facing pressure from Chinese competitors in the market for affordable electric vehicles. Meanwhile, Tesla has ambitious plans to transform its factory near Berlin into Europe's largest car production facility.

BMW's Vision Neue Klasse vehicle, though still in the concept phase, features newly developed battery cells with over 20% higher energy storage capacity than the company's previous offerings. Overall, BMW expects charging speed and range to improve by up to 30% compared to its previous models.

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