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Meta Plans to Introduce Web Version of Threads App This Week

According to The Wall Street Journal, Meta is set to launch the web version of Threads, its contender to X (formerly known as Twitter), early this week.

The absence of a web version has been a notable gap since the inception of this short-form posting service.

In a recent update, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the company is actively working on incorporating this feature, alongside enhancing the search function, which has been quite limited thus far – currently, users can only search for usernames on the platform.

This development was announced earlier in the month, with Zuckerberg indicating that it would be ready within "the next few weeks."

Threads emerged as a simplistic Twitter alternative approximately a month and a half ago. Despite its rapid attainment of over 100 million users, including celebrities and brands, the platform has lacked several crucial features. Meta has been gradually introducing these features over time.

For instance, a follow feed has been incorporated, and users can now verify a link with their Mastodon profiles. This suggests that Meta might be giving some consideration to integrating with the decentralized social network protocol Activity Pub.

Nonetheless, The Wall Street Journal sources imply that the specific launch plans for this web version are not set in stone and could potentially change. Adam Mosseri, who posted on Threads last week, mentioned that an early version of the web version has been undergoing internal testing for a week or two. However, he emphasized that there's still work to be done before a broader release.

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