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Notorious FBI's Most Wanted Hacker Taunts U.S. Government

Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, also known as "Wazawaka" and "Boriselcin," was indicted by the U.S. government earlier this year for his involvement in ransomware attacks on companies and critical infrastructure in the United States and beyond. Despite being labeled as one of the FBI's most wanted hackers, Matveev appears to be unfazed and is even taunting authorities.

In a rather audacious move, Matveev created a T-shirt featuring his own FBI most wanted poster and asked his Twitter followers if they would be interested in purchasing such merchandise. To confirm his identity, he provided evidence by showing a picture of his left hand, which has only four fingers, as seen on his FBI most wanted page. Additionally, he sent a selfie holding a piece of paper with a reporter's name on it.

When approached for an interview, Matveev declined to answer questions about his life as a wanted hacker. Instead, he expressed his displeasure with the term "hacker" and argued that he and others like him should be considered as a distinct type of specialist who utilizes their knowledge and resources for financial gain. He also briefly mentioned an injury, the loss of one of his fingers.

Despite his flamboyant online behavior, Matveev's decision to remain in Russia has seemingly shielded him from extradition to the United States. He appears to enjoy life in Russia, even commenting that the weather and climate are favorable, and he doesn't seem bothered by international sanctions imposed against him.

The FBI has not provided a comment on the situation, leaving Matveev's online antics and evasion of justice an intriguing cybercrime story.

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