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Oracle Chooses Ampere Computing Chips for Cloud Service

Oracle, a leading technology company, has revealed its decision to incorporate Ampere Computing's flagship processor chips into its cloud computing service. This announcement represents a significant boost for Ampere, a chip company that has recently filed for an initial public offering (IPO).

Ampere, founded by former Intel executives, specializes in designing chips tailored for data centers by leveraging Arm Holdings' technology. The company outsources its chip production to Taiwan's TSMC, a prominent semiconductor manufacturer.

Ampere's primary objective has been to develop chips that are exceptionally energy-efficient compared to traditional processors offered by industry giants like Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Notably, both Intel and AMD have introduced competing offerings to Ampere's chips. Oracle is not just a customer but also a significant investor in Ampere. Moreover, Oracle was one of the first cloud companies to adopt Ampere's chips in 2021. Adding to this synergy, Ampere's CEO, Renee James, holds a seat on Oracle's board of directors.

In a recent development, Ampere announced that Google Cloud, part of Alphabet Inc., would offer its latest chips, which incorporate custom-designed computing cores by Ampere.

Cloud computing companies are known as major consumers of chips, acquiring them in large quantities and making them available to software developers for rent. This partnership between Oracle and Ampere underlines the significance of efficient and powerful chip technology in the cloud computing industry.

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