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Patreon App Introduces Easy-to-Use Group Chat Feature Similar to Discord

Patreon has unveiled a fresh way for creators to engage with their fans by introducing a group chat feature on its subscription platform. This new community chat functionality not only enables creators to interact directly with their loyal supporters but also offers subscribers the opportunity to converse with each other in a dedicated space separate from comments. Creators have the flexibility to manage up to four chats simultaneously, and there's a comprehensive set of tools that allows for specific restrictions on participation, such as limiting a particular chat to various subscriber tiers.

For the time being, Patreon's group chat feature is exclusively available on its mobile app, but the company has confirmed that a desktop version is currently in development. While it may resemble Discord in some aspects, Patreon acknowledges this similarity and refers to the feature as an "essentially a simpler, in-app Discord server."

However, Patreon clarifies that these tools are not intended to replace Discord entirely. Creators will still have the option to integrate with the third-party app, giving them the choice of their preferred chat method.

These group chats offer more than just a platform for discussing a creator's content. Users can share photos, emojis, and, of course, text within the chat rooms. To ensure a positive experience, Patreon has implemented moderation tools that enable creators to control and restrict undesirable content. Additionally, Patreon plans to introduce an update that will allow creators to enlist the assistance of fans in the moderation process, potentially creating a unique dynamic where fans contribute to content moderation in exchange for compensation.

To foster a sense of community within these group chats, Patreon has introduced a new member profile feature. This feature permits users to customize their name, profile picture, links to social media profiles, and a bio, enhancing the ability for chat participants to get to know one another better. According to Patreon, these tools aim to facilitate deeper connections within fandom communities.

Patreon has already begun rolling out group chats to select creators, with wider availability expected in the coming months. This move is part of Patreon's ongoing efforts to provide creators and fans with a range of new features and tools. Recent additions include the capability to publish subscriber-only podcasts on Spotify and the introduction of a native video toolset.

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