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Procreate's Latest $20 Animation App Sparks Excitement Among Artists

The makers of the popular art application Procreate have unveiled a game-changing addition to their lineup: Procreate Dreams, an iPad animation app designed to be user-friendly for artists of all levels, and it comes with an enticing price tag of just $19.99, with no subscription required. The artistic community is buzzing with excitement.

If you've ever engaged in a conversation with anyone remotely interested in digital art, chances are they've raved about Procreate, the iPad app that has become a staple in the industry. Procreate provides illustrators with a robust set of tools for crafting and editing digital artwork, all for a single upfront cost of $12.99.

In a world saturated with subscription-based services and costly creative software that can break the bank, Procreate has been a true savior for many artists. With the introduction of Procreate Dreams, developer Savage Interactive aims to extend this affordability to the realm of animation. Unveiled just last week, Procreate Dreams is a 2D animation app for iPad that accommodates both touch controls and the Apple Pencil. The developer's goal is to make animation more accessible to a new generation of animators by crafting an intuitive user interface for Dreams. For instance, the "Performing" tool enables creators to record animations in real-time as their video unfolds, allowing them to manipulate objects, apply effects and filters, and warp images without the need for complex keyframe setups.

However, this doesn't mean that Procreate Dreams excludes advanced features like keyframes and cel animation. The app is designed to cater to seasoned professional animators as well, offering sophisticated functionalities such as "Flipbook," a nod to traditional frame-by-frame animation, reminiscent of Procreate's Animation Assist feature. What's more, Dreams incorporates familiar brushes for Procreate users.

Procreate Dreams has sent shockwaves of excitement through the artistic and animation communities. Countless creators have taken to social media to express their overwhelming enthusiasm, with reactions ranging from ecstatic screams and tears of joy to unbridled excitement. For many, this could very well be the dream app they've been waiting for.

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