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SoftBank CEO Forecasts Arrival of Artificial General Intelligence within a Decade

SoftBank CEO, Masayoshi Son, has boldly declared that he envisions the advent of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) within the next decade. AGI, a form of artificial intelligence capable of outperforming humans in nearly every aspect, is expected to be ten times more intelligent than the collective intelligence of all humans.

Son made this assertion during his address at the SoftBank World corporate conference, emphasizing the astounding progress in generative AI that has already surpassed human capabilities in specific domains.

In his statement, Son challenged the notion that AI could not exceed human intelligence, asserting that AI, much like humans, has evolved to become self-learning, self-training, and self-inferencing.

Notably, this is the first time Son has provided a timeline for the development of AGI, a concept he has previously referred to as the "singularity." He believes that AGI holds the potential to revolutionize both the business landscape and society as a whole.

During his presentation, Son also introduced the concept of "Artificial Super Intelligence," which he anticipates will become a reality within two decades. This advanced form of AI is expected to surpass human intelligence by a staggering factor of 10,000.

Furthermore, Son urged Japanese companies to recognize and embrace the promise of AI, stressing that they have lagged behind in the internet age. He reiterated his belief in Arm, a renowned chip designer, as a pivotal player in the forthcoming "AI revolution."

Overall, Masayoshi Son's predictions and visionary outlook signal a profound transformation on the horizon, driven by the relentless advancement of artificial intelligence.

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