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Toyota Recalls Over 1.8 Million RAV4s Due to Fire Risk from Incorrect Replacement Batteries

In a recent announcement, Toyota has initiated a recall for over 1.8 million RAV4 vehicles. This recall specifically pertains to select vehicles produced between the model years 2013 and 2018.

The reason behind this recall is a potential fire hazard associated with certain replacement batteries, as outlined in Toyota's official statement. The concern arises from the fact that some replacement batteries used in these SUVs do not have the correct dimensions. In scenarios where the incorrect-sized batteries are installed, they may become dislodged and pose a fire risk when the vehicle undergoes sharp turns. Toyota provided further insight, stating that "Some replacement 12-volt batteries of the size specified for the subject vehicles have smaller top dimensions than others.

If a small-top battery is used for replacement and the hold-down clamp is not tightened correctly, the battery could move when the vehicle is driven with forceful turns. The movement could cause the positive battery terminal to contact the hold-down clamp and short circuit."

Toyota has taken swift action to address this issue and is actively developing a solution. The proposed remedy will involve replacing the battery hold-down clamp, the battery tray, and the positive terminal cover. Importantly, Toyota has committed to covering the cost of these replacements for affected vehicle owners. Notifications to inform affected owners are expected to be sent out in December.

To facilitate the recall process, Toyota has provided a method for owners of the impacted vehicles to verify whether their vehicle is subject to the recall. They can do so by entering their vehicle's information number or license plate details on the official Toyota website or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website dedicated to recalls.

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