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Twitch Empowers Streamers to Prevent Banned Users from Viewing Streams

Twitch, known for its chat ban tools, is taking a step further by giving streamers the ability to control who can access their livestreams from the start.

In the latest edition of Twitch's Patch Notes, a monthly product update show, the platform revealed its upcoming feature that allows streamers to prevent banned users from watching their streams.

This new anti-harassment tool will not only exclude banned users from the chat but also instantly remove them from the livestream itself.

Expected to roll out in the coming weeks, this feature will be seamlessly integrated into Twitch's existing blocking tools. Blocked users will automatically be barred from viewing a stream, enhancing streamers' ability to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

Although the feature won't be activated by default when dealing with banned users, streamers can easily enable it through moderation settings. During the Patch Notes stream, Twitch Senior Product Manager Trevor Fisher noted that this addition addresses a long-standing request for more comprehensive channel bans.

Fisher explained, "Over the years, we've received a lot of feedback that people want their channel bans to have a broader impact."

However, it's important to note that the new option will have some limitations. It only prevents blocked or banned users who are logged in from accessing a stream. For now, Twitch will not implement IP blocking or have a direct method of monitoring users who are logged out.

Furthermore, the feature will not extend to stopping unwanted viewers from watching VODs (Video on Demand), highlights, and clips. Twitch does plan to include this capability in future updates.

Fisher acknowledged the incremental progress the platform is making with this feature, stating, "We've been working on this step-by-step to ensure a smoother experience."

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