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Twitch Introduces Stories Feature for Streamers

In anticipation of TwitchCon Las Vegas, Twitch has unveiled its new "stories" feature, allowing streamers to engage with their audience even when they're not actively streaming.

The stories feature is accessible to Partners and Affiliates who have streamed for at least 45 minutes within the past 30 days.

These stories can be viewed by all of their followers and subscribers using the Twitch mobile app. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat's story features, which vanish after 24 hours, Twitch stories will remain visible for 48 hours. Streamers with at least 30 subscribers can also share exclusive stories with their subscriber base. The rollout of this feature will take place over the course of this week.

In a blog post announcing the launch of stories, Eduardo Fenili, Twitch's senior product manager, emphasized the goal of strengthening connections between streamers and their audience. He stated, "You've built a loyal community on Twitch, and your followers likely follow you on other platforms. But we've heard from you that trying to connect with them through multiple services limits your reach and can feel rather disconnected from your shared experiences on Twitch."

Fenili explained that this feature will simplify communication with followers on Twitch, reducing the need to use external social media platforms to notify them about upcoming live streams or potential delays. Followers can enable push notifications to receive alerts when their preferred streamers post new stories.

Beyond sharing photos and text updates in their stories, eligible Twitch streamers can also post clips from their own channel or other channels. Viewers can react to stories using Twitch emotes, while streamers will have access to view counts and reaction statistics to gauge the content that resonates most with their community.

Fenili encouraged streamers to embrace a personal touch in their stories, asserting, "Your stories don't need to be all business. If you want to post a picture of your breakfast and spark a community debate about which cereals are S-tier, go for it. Encourage your viewers to participate through emote reactions to sound off on your story before the great cereal debate happens on the next stream. It's all about staying in touch and deepening those connections, anytime you want."

Twitch has implemented "automated scanning measures" to prevent the upload of harmful content within stories. Stories must comply with Twitch's Community Guidelines, and viewers can report content that violates the platform's safety standards.

Twitch has also hinted at upcoming enhancements to the stories feature in the coming months, such as the ability to create polls, tag other streamers, and access editing tools. The platform introduced a range of new tools during TwitchCon Paris earlier in the year and has been steadily introducing new features, including a discovery feed and anti-harassment measures, over recent months.

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