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Twitter Sued Yet Again

Twitter Inc. is facing a lawsuit filed by an Australian project management firm, Facilitate Corp, in a U.S. court. The lawsuit seeks cumulative payments of approximately USD$665,000 for alleged non-payment of bills related to work performed in four countries, according to court documents.

Facilitate Corp, based in Sydney, filed the lawsuit on June 29 in the United States District Court for the Northern District Of California, claiming breach of contract due to Twitter's failure to pay its invoices. This lawsuit is the latest in a series of allegations against Twitter regarding non-payment of bills and rent since Elon Musk acquired the social media platform for $44 billion last year.

Facilitate Corp stated that between 2022 and early 2023, it carried out various tasks for Twitter, including installing sensors in Twitter's offices in London and Dublin, completing an office fit-out in Singapore, and clearing an office in Sydney. The company claims that Twitter owes it approximately 203,000 pounds, USD$546,600, and A$61,300 for these works.

Facilitate Corp is seeking compensatory damages of an amount to be determined at trial, as well as legal costs and interest at the maximum legal rate. In recent months, other lawsuits have been filed against Twitter for non-payment of bills. In May, a former public relations firm sued Twitter in a New York court, alleging non-payment. Additionally, earlier this year, U.S.-based advisory firm Innisfree M&A Inc sued Twitter, seeking approximately $1.9 million in unpaid bills related to its advisory services during Twitter's acquisition by Musk. Twitter, also known as X Corp, no longer has a media relations office and was unable to be reached for comment.

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