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Youtube Removes Premium Lite From Plans Options

YouTube is discontinuing its Premium Lite subscription plan, which offered an ad-free experience at a lower cost in select European nations. The company had been testing this plan for two years but recently informed its customers via email that it would be phased out by October 25. In their message, YouTube expressed their commitment to refining various versions of Premium Lite based on user, creator, and partner feedback.

Subscribers currently using Premium Lite have two options: return to the standard ad-supported YouTube experience or upgrade to YouTube Premium. YouTube is sweetening the deal for Lite subscribers by offering them a one-month free trial of Premium.

Launched in 2021 in countries such as Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Norway, Premium Lite, priced at €6.99 per month, provided an ad-free viewing experience. However, it did not offer the full range of features available with YouTube Premium, nor did it include access to YouTube Music.

YouTube's decision to discontinue Premium Lite suggests a continued focus on refining their subscription offerings to better cater to their user base, creators, and partners. Users in these select European countries will need to make choices about their YouTube experience as the service undergoes changes.

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